Marcel Fisser Band

Onze eigen band


This band has been together for over 20 years. They started in 1997 with famous Dutch singer Ruth Jacott. They did four tours together and recorded various tracks on her albums.
They separated for a year or two, all playing with artists but never loosing sight of one another. Lots of projects, recording sessions, always with the group’s core.
Not long after they were asked to play with Jan Smit, a dutch artist who had a successful career in Germany. In a couple of weeks he became a number one artist with the band backing him up. The supporting act Nick&Simon performed with the band, became number one artists within a year!
In 2008 the band played a television show De Zomer Voorbij. This started off as a once in a lifetime gig, but turned out to be a 10 year adventure. The band accompanied all the artists in the show, and soon their concerts too.
Along side, in 2009, they started in a second TV series, called Beste Zangers, with artists singing the songs of the other artists in the show. This brilliant concept resulted in a series of number one hits and career boosts! The latest success was Nightwish singer Floor Jansen, who’s now touring with the band.
At present they are working in their own name: the Marcel Fisser Band. Staying true to Jan Smit, Nick&Simon, Floor Jansen and Beste Zangers, they are working on their own material.


The first single In the Blood is a cover of John Mayer, it represents the passion they all share: the need to make music together.