Destiny’s Calling

De zoektocht naar geluk, van de CD: Through my Eye



Dit is denk ik misschien wel het mooiste liedje wat ik ooit heb geschreven. De tekst samen met Sharon Molenmaker, ook supermooi geworden. Over het geluk wat achter de berg lijkt te liggen maar onderweg kom je het geluk overal tegen…..


This is a song I wrote for my album: Through my Eye. Listen to more music on Spotify:… This song is about hope and believing in the future. What we can’t see doesn’t mean it’s not there, maybe it’s around the corner… Destiny’s calling.

Gregor Hamilton – Piano

Arie Storm – Guitar

Astrid Axe – Vocal

Marcel Fisser – Mandolin

Xander Buvelot – Bass

Mark Stoop – Drums

Yfke de Jong – Violin

I am deeply grateful to have such wonderful and talented musicianfriends! Thank you, I love you guys! I hope you enjoy watching this video, let me know by subscribing or leaving a comment!

Last but not least a thank you to the people who made the short pieces of film: Luc GREINER from Pixabay Aric Shelby from Pixabay anwar optin from Pixabay eberhard grossgasteiger from Pixabay Danil_Shostak from Pixabay truthseeker08 from Pixabay CESAR AUGUSTO RAMIREZ VALLEJO from Pixabay DistillVideos from Pixabay Josef Gadermaier from Pixabay TeeFarm from Pixabay @dinoreichmuth from unsplash